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1.  I enjoy snacking so much that I have a snack:
Often, but not at work Only once in a while
Often, even at work Occasionally
I avoid snacking because it's not allowed on my diet.

2.  I buy snacks from the following sources:
Grocery stores Distributors' outlets
Local candy stores Vending machines
Walgreens CVS
Internet sites Day-old shop(s)
Other sources include:

3.  I like the following kinds of snacks:
Chocolate candy bars Taco chips
Peanut bars Crackers
Potato chips Pretzels
Corn chips Popcorn
Crackers Hard candies

4.  My favorite snack cracker and chip brands include:
Frito-Lay Cape Cod
Nabisco Zapp's
Keebler Pringle's
Jays Jone's
Pepperidge Farm Kraft
Lance Hostess

5.  I usually have a snack with:
Sodapop Water
Milk Other:

6.  I prefer to buy snacks in the following packaging. Plastic resealable bags
Cellophane bags
It doesn't matter

7.  About the price of snacks:
I don't care much.
I buy less when the price goes up.
I buy extra on sale... and sometimes hide them from my family & friends.

8.  I worry about the extra fat and calories I get from snacking: Often
Once in a while

9.  I am: Female

10.  My age group is: Under 10 11-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90 & over
11.  How did you find FoodSurveyCenter? Wall Street Journal Just looking around the Internet Newsgroup
USA Today Business associate Search engine
A News magazine A blog named: Linked from:
I live in the following country or state:
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